H1200 高速环式机




  山东精玖(kingon) 国内独家研发的高速环式包装缠绕机上市5年了,得到了各行业使用客户的认可,环式机的出现切实达到了多、快、好、省的目的,真正为客户实现了利益最大化。


  Automatic high-speed ring type wrapping machine suit for the packaging of goods in container ,bulk orpallet, which widely used in food and beverage industrial, electronic appliances, hardware mechanicaland papermaking, printing, metallurgy and building materials industries, especially adapted to thelogistics industry application of packing in stereoscopic warehouse。

  This Exclusive research and development of Shandong Kingon Intelligent Equipment Co.,ltd High speedring type wrapping machine had came into the market for five years and accept by the customers invarious industries, this machine has achieved the goal of more packaging quantity, fast speed, goodperformance and save material. Truly realized the maximization benefits for the customers.

  More packaging quantity, means the machine can start wrapping at any position, satisfy the diversifiedpacking method, adapt to a wider range, have flexible application, has quick , efficient and othercharacteristics. Fast speed means the new high-speed ring packaging machine as a new generationwrapping machine, has the revolutionary improvement and upgrade to the traditional packing way. Itis driven by a horizontal rotating ring, with a smooth rotation and low noise. The packaging efficiencycan reach 60 to 120 pallets per hour. Good performance means the effect of the film is more uniform andthe packaging effect is more beautiful. Film carriage sending film 100% without film head and film tail,solves the problem of the domestic manufacturer s broken film instability. And the site layout is moreflexible, not limited by the direction, can adapt to the 90 degree direction of output. It can increase thefunction of covering film, and the packing efficiency is 2 to 3 times than that of ordinary online machine.Save material means the customer can choose a variety of flexible packaging methods according to theneed, saving the packaging materials more than 20 meters per pallet, saving the cost about 20,000 USDper year. It covers the most fundamental needs of all customers, saves money and saves the waste ofresources. It truly reflects the revolutionary significance of industry 4.0!

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